Friday, February 22, 2008

Muslim, not terrorist

The world's newest state is looking to be a model of what Islam should be -- modern, tolerant, and democratic.

Kosovo is also seeking recognition from Israel.
but Israel is amongst several states withholding recognition for now. Some believe this has to do the implications on Palestinians threatening to declare independence. The reality is that the Abbas/Salaam government will fall very quickly if they declare independence prematurely. Hamas is just itching to do a coup d’etat, just as it did in Gaza after the Israeli disengement.

Another factor is that the Israeli far right seems to be in love with Serbia and genocidal maniac Milosevic. As always, the far right and the far left seem in sync -- Milosevic was a cause celebre for the Worker's World Party (the parent organization of ANSWER).

Serbia massacred Bosnians, and the Bosnians killed Jews in the Holocaust. According to some, that means Israel and Jews should stand solidly behind Serbia regardless.

Of course, amongst the collaborators in the Holocaust were virtually the entirety of Europe and worst of all were Israel's best EU friends, Poland and Germany. The USA, the Vatican, and the Church also bear much responsibility for allowing the killing to happen but they seem to be our friends at the moment as well.

Israel should recognize Kosovo.